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Online Banking

Savings & Money Market

Accounts To Save Your Way

It’s important to develop a smart saving strategy, no matter your age. Part of developing that saving strategy is making sure you have the right account that meets your individual needs. At State Bank of Davis, we give you options that allow you to save your way. Stop into our office to speak to our team about which savings account is the right choice for you.

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Compare Our Savings Accounts

Account Type

Account Details

Regular Savings Account

This basic savings account gives you a place to save money for your goals, as well as ease of access when you need to get your cash.

Competitive interest rate

Santa Savings Account

Santa Savings gives you a way to save for the holidays all year long. Contributions to the account earn interest and are paid out as a lump sum in October each year.

Minimum deposit of $1.00 required

Maximum deposit balance of $5,000

No set payment schedule to follow

Competitive interest rate

Last day to open account is April 1st of each year

Health Savings Account

A Health Savings Account helps you save specifically for qualified medical expenses for you and your family on a tax-free basis. Used in conjunction with a high-deductible health plan (HDHP), funds within a health savings account can be used for you, your spouse or any dependents.

No monthly maintenance fee

Monthly account statement delivered, including E-Statements

ATM/debit card access

Competitive interest rate

Money Market Deposit Account

A Money Market Deposit Account allows you to earn a higher rate of return on your account balance.

Minimum opening deposit of $1,000

Competitive tiered interest rates according to balance level

$2 monthly service charge if account balance falls below $1,000

Monthly statements delivered, including E-Statements

Money Market Plus Account

Designed for customers who can maintain a higher savings balance and want to earn higher interest on their balance.

Minimum opening deposit of $25,000

Tiered interest rates according to balance level

$25 monthly service charge if balance falls below $25,000

Monthly statements delivered, including E-Statements

Kids Savings Club

How early should you teach your kids about money? Research* shows that most kids understand and develop their financial habits by age 7. That is why State Bank of Davis offers our Kids Savings Club in coordination with the Centsables® program to kids in our area.

How the Kids Savings Club Works

  • Open an account with your child (minimum opening balance of $1.00)
  • Deposits can be made at any time into the account
  • Receive Davis Dollars for every $5.00 deposited to exchange for fun prizes
  • Take part in programs, drawings and special events for Kids Saving Club members
  • Play fun educational games online with the Centsables program

Open a Kids Saving Club Account with Your Child Today

Together we can help develop a young generation of savvy savers and financially responsible kids. Stop by State Bank of Davis today to open a Kids Savings Club account with your child.

*Study done by Cambridge University in 2013, “Habit Formation and Learning in Young Children.”